Cooperating with the School of Education

The School of Education is constantly searching for valued teachers who wish to share their knowledge and are interested in continuously developing their professional skills. Everyday practice is an integral part of learning at the School of Education. Students practice in carefully selected primary, middle, high and vocational schools. During the practical part of the program, they are accompanied by mentors– practicing teachers of Polish language and mathematics who play one of the key parts in the process of instructing future educators. For 10 to 12 weeks, mentors allow the teachers in training to observe their lessons, and provide support when the students need to prepare and teach a class.

Practice Schools

At the School of Education of PAFF and UW, practice is a key and integral element of the curriculum. Students discuss and reflect on their experiences on a daily basis. We cooperate with a network of excellent schools which have been carefully selected, and whose faculty had the opportunity to participate in training courses led by national experts, trainers from the ‘Learning School Program’ and specialists from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Students of the School of Education of PAFF and UW, gain practical experiences in schools on all educational levels. Each student works under the care and supervision of a mentor teacher. Mentors have regular workshop meetings with the School of Education’s faculty, during which they analyse and develop new solutions for raising the quality of instruction.