About the School of Education

In any educational model, the teacher is the key element. They must have excellent knowledge of the content, be keen pedagogues, aware of the challenges facing them, and open to constant improvement and development. This innovative program has been created to prepare future teachers of two subjects: mathematics and Polish language.

The School of Education of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and University of Warsaw is the first full time postgraduate program for future teachers in which practical experience is such an integral element. The program was created in cooperation with Teachers College, Columbia University.  After a year of studies at the School of Education, graduates receive teaching licences. The first editions of the program are free of charge.

More about the SE postgraduate program

Below, are a some of the questions which many teachers ask themselves. The answers have been provided by the professors of the School of Education of PAFF and UW.

Jak uczyć skutecznie?

Jak ja się zmieszczę w 45 minutach?! To pytanie dźwięczy w głowach nie tylko młodych nauczycieli. Stawia je sobie każdy, niezależnie od doświadczenia. Na szczęście są tysiące sposobów, które mogą [...]